Where to stay in Milan? Best places to stay in Milan

Milan is a world-class metropolis and one of Italy’s most important urban centers, with a long and storied past and an unwavering commitment to the present. Milan, which has long been regarded as one of the world’s fashion capitals, offers some of the finest shopping, along with a wealth of museums, landmarks, and dining options to round out your trip. Travelers looking for a more “traditional” Italian atmosphere may be disappointed by Milan, but once they have a feel for the city and understand what makes the residents tick, they are sure to fall under its spell. The success of any vacation hinges on the accommodations you choose, and a trip to Milan is no exception. The intangible enchantment of Italy’s fashion capital is enhanced with chic boutiques, delectable dining options, and a bevy of architectural marvels. Of course you want to maximize your opportunity for discovery by situating yourself in the best possible location. Our comprehensive guide to the finest hotels and staying places in Milan will make your stay there a breeze.

Even though Milan is pricey, visitors shouldn’t expect cake when they pay for biscuits. This city is well worth the Euros you’ll spend here, and these specific areas offer really good value. Okay, so it’s your Euro, but you’ve got the point.

Best places to stay

It’s easy to get around Milan because of its compact size. We suggest staying at a hotel close to Milan Cathedral or La Scala, two of the city’s most famous landmarks, as most of the city’s museums and attractions are located there. Missori, Castello, Montenapoleone, and San Babila are the closest metro stops to the downtown area. Centro Storico is the only part of Milan that is truly immersive and all-encompassing. Stunning historic buildings, a thriving artistic culture, and a plethora of landmarks make Centro Storico the perfect starting point while you get your bearings in Milan. If the hotels in the city center are out of your price range, choose one that is near a metro stop so that you can easily reach the city’s historic core, where the majority of Milan’s attractions are located. There are self-guided Vox City tours available all across Milan. They offer a one-of-a-kind navigation feature that encompasses all routes, making it easy to arrange travel and lodging. You can listen to the audio guide whenever it’s most convenient for you as you explore the area around your hotel with their user-friendly app.

Hotels in Milan

Visit Santa Maria delle Grazie to see Leonardo da Vinci’s The Last Supper, or head to the hip neighborhood of Brera district to learn about the city’s contemporary art scene. In either case, the metro system and highly developed tram network will make it simple for you to travel around. All you can discover the fascinating past that lies within these areas by taking a self-guided tour with Vox City. Milan caters to a wide variety of visitors, thanks to its convenient location near three major airports and its wide range of lodging alternatives, which range from luxurious five-star hotels to simple, low-cost motels. A double room in a mid-range hotel close to Piazza del Duomo can be had for € 100 (about US$ 100.70) a night if booked in advance. Also, you can explore amny other iconic landmarks including Duomo di Milano, Sforzesco Castle, Santa Maria delle Grazie, Piazza del Duomo and Sempione Park with Vox City’s self-guided tour and tune to their audio commentary to reconnoiter these locations and hear all about the nearby tourist hotspots. Alternately, you can find nice accommodations for around € 50 (US$ 50.30) per night if you are willing to rely on public transportation.

We’ve included a few hotels, both high end and mid-range, along with their proximity to Milan’s major attractions and transportation hubs so you can make an informed decision for your trip.

Luxury Hotels
  • Château Monfort (located near Centro Storico)
  • Bulgari Hotel Milano (Located near Brera District)
  • Hotel Magna Pars (Located near Navigli)
  • Mid-Range Hotels
  • Hotel Dei Cavalieri (located near Centro Storico)
  • Hotel Palazzo Delle Stelline (located near Centro Storico)
  • Carlyle Brera Hotel (Located near Brera District)
  • Hotel Des Etrangers (Located near Navigli)
  • Hotel Mozart (Located near Chinatown and Sempione)
  • Hotel 38 (Located near Chinatown and Sempione)

Apartments in Milan

If you are taking a trip with a sizable group of people, such as a family or a group of friends, a serviced apartment is a fantastic alternative to a hotel or hostel.

Brera: This historical district of Milan is incredibly convenient and offers higher rates but is ideal for first-time tourists because it is so accessible to everything.

San Siro: Located outside of the city’s main hub, in a more residential section of Milan, amongst lush vegetation, this location is ideal for families seeking a peaceful getaway.

Arco Della Pace: Super convenient location just near to Milan’s beautiful Parco Sempione; easy proximity to the city’s many top attractions. Ideal for families seeking peace and quiet without sacrificing convenience to the city.

Corso Buenos Aires: Located on one of Milan’s most popular shopping avenues, this is the ideal location for any shopping vacation. In addition, you’ll be close to all of the exciting attractions in Milan’s historic heart.

Hostels in Milan

Milan has only a handful of hostels, and they’re all pretty pricey. Because the cost is about the same, we recommend reserving a double room at a cheap hotel instead of a hostel.

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