Venice travel blog: Itinerary and all you need to know

Nobody can deny their affection for the city of Venice! It was love at first sight when you saw the beautiful palazzos overlooking the Grand Canal in this city constructed on water. With our Voxcity trip, you can discover Venice, the most spectacular city in the world. Take advantage of the accompanying Voxcity app and our pass’ flexibility to see the metropolis at your own leisure.

Venice is definitely the most magical city in the world. It rises sharply first from Adriatic Sea to produce a network of canals, bridges, cathedrals, and palaces, making it look like a set from a Hollywood movie. Join us on one of our Venice strolling tours to learn more about how the richness and aspirations of these great people built this unique city. Voxcity trips take you to the most famous palaces as well as the most obscure nooks and crannies of this complex metropolis.

This historic city continues to arouse passionate professions of love for decades to come. Summertime can be a bit of a stifling crowd, but you can’t blame them for making the right decision. With Gothic structures, beautiful bridges, big open piazzas and all those distinctive rivers, Venice is like a film set that comes to life. Venetians know what they’re in for: Venice is Venice. It can be found nowhere else in the universe. Even if you only have a few hours in Venice, it is a must-see destination. In this guide, you’ll find all you need to know about what to do and where to go in Venice, along with tips on how to get around. To help you plan your visit to Venice, you can take the help of Voxcity app which helps you in compiling a list of suggested routes for stays of one day or more.

Grand Canal

In Venice, the Grand Canal serves as the city’s principal thoroughfare. Reverse S-shaped canal weaves its way from Piazzale Roma towards Piazza San Marco for over four kilometers through the heart of the city. From the 13th century to the 18th century, Venice’s coastline is lined with more than 170 beautiful palazzos (palaces). Only four bridges span the Grand Canal, the most renowned of which being the Rialto and Accademia.

This, in our opinion, is among the most breathtaking vistas on Earth. The Grand Canal cruise is a must-do when in Venice. The classic wooden water taxis are a great way to do this in style. The easiest method to achieve this is to take a shared or private water taxi ride as soon as you arrive at the airport. You may get to Sant Elena by taking the vaporetto line 1 via Piazzale Roma if you’re on a tight budget or have extra time. Find your way towards the back of the boat, where the external seating provides amazing scenery of the bridges, palazzos, and gondolas that weave their way through the canal’s boat traffic. Learn about Venice’s most renowned landmarks while taking a Gondola ride and strolling through some of the city’s most well-known neighborhoods through Voxcity.

Take a ride on a Gondola down Venice’s Grand Canal, taking in the gorgeous views along the way. The Piazza San Marco, the Peggy Guggenheim Collection, the Opera House, and the Basilica de Santa Maria della Salute are just a few of the treasures to be found on this floating city. Your tour guide will provide live commentary as you float through the canals, allowing you to soak up the rich heritage and best-kept secrets of Venice.

St Mark’s Basilica and Bell tower (San Marco)

1200 years ago, Venetian traders brought the Apostle Mark’s relics from Alexandria, Egypt, and built the gleaming basilica that bears this name today. There are valuables that date back to the Venetian Republic’s crusades to Constantinople in the basilica, which was once a private chapel for Venice Doge (duke). The facade of the church is adorned with five Byzantine domes adorned with gold mosaics representing biblical scenes. The piazza below is guarded by a golden-winged lion and even a statue of St. Mark encircled by gilded angels.

Even if you have no interest in religion or history, you should stop by and take a look around this stunning structure. It takes little more than ten minutes to get there, but it is well worth the trip. For a well-lit interior, this Basilica di San Marco would be best seen between 11:30 am to 12:45 pm on weekdays. You can also take a Voxcity’s self-guided tour of Venice’s most renowned Roman Catholic Church which takes you throughout the city at your own pace. One of the city’s most famous landmarks is St. Mark’s Basilica for its spectacular exterior and Italo-Byzantine architecture can be explored through us.

Palazzo Ducale (Doge’s Palace)

For centuries, the Doge of Venice was the most powerful person in the Republic of Venice (Duke). The Doge’s office became increasingly powerful and collected a great deal of wealth as the city grew in importance due to its commerce and nautical abilities. The Palazzo Ducale, which was transformed into the museum in 1923, is one of Venice’s most renowned tourist sites. Over the course of its 500-year existence, this Venetian Gothic masterpiece has been almost untouched by the elements. To appreciate Venice’s great riches and discover about the Republic of Venice, you’ll need to go inside this magnificent building.

Explore the Doge’s Palace and know about its intriguing history on a Voxcity tour. Visitors can now wander the gardens and take in some of the city’s finest and most stunning examples of Gothic architectural design. By using this particular app-based self-guided audio tour, you’ll be able to explore the Doge Palace at your own pace.

Bridge Of Sighs

Doge’s Palace and the New Prison are connected by the Ponte dei Sospiri (Bridge of Sighs), a covered limestone bridge that spans the Rio di Palazzo. According to legend, as the inmates crossed the bridge, they let out a long sigh as they took one last look at the magnificent city before they were executed. Although it’s a lovely story, there’s really nothing to view from the bridge because of the barred windows.

To reach the Bridge of Sighs, you must enter the Palazzo Ducale first. For vistas of this iconic Venice landmark (sometimes with gondolas sailing beneath it), proceed to the Ponte della Paglia. Using the integrated Voxcity app, you may roam the city with your own pace and see all that it has to offer.

Gondola Ride

It’s impossible to think of Venice without a gondola ride. For decades, Venetians have relied on these sleek, black watercraft as their primary mode of transportation. Over 10,000 gondolas were rowed on the canals in the 15th century by professional oarsmen for whom tactics and traditions have lasted for hundreds of years. The number of gondolas on Venice’s canals has fallen to less than 400 in recent years.

Take a Gondola ride through the city’s most famous sights and a walking tour with Voxcity to see the best of Venice. Take a ride on a Gondola down Venice’s Grand Canal, taking in the gorgeous views along the way. Your tour guide will provide live commentary as you float through the canals, allowing you to soak up the rich histories and best-kept mysteries of Venice. Voxcity’s walking tours of Venice’s historic quarter are a great way to round out your sightseeing experience.

You can also use free Voxcity app (available with your ticket) to find more pleasant walking paths mostly around Venice between Murano to Burano after seeing the Floating City’s unfathomable beauty with your guide.

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