Things to do in Milan if you have only one day

If you’re looking for an exquisite Italian city, Milan should be on your list. When people talk about Milan, they frequently refer to it as a business-oriented fashion capital. It’s not quite that simple, though. A charming city with a wealth of cultural offerings, it’s an excellent place to get a taste of the more contemporary side of Italy, which is sometimes overlooked by tourists. It is an excellent starting place for tours throughout Italy and a pace that is worth visiting if you found yourself in the vicinity. Old and modern contemporaries coexist harmoniously in Milan, a city that also has some of the world’s most renowned artworks. Another piece of good news? Nearly all of the important attractions are within a short distance of each other. Many of Milan’s most popular attractions may easily fit into one day, so you won’t have to miss out on any of the city’s must-see attractions.

Milan in one day

Many tourists go to Milan to reap the benefits of the city’s thriving shopping district, which is often regarded as the fashion center of the world. While the city’s fashion culture provides an amazing vibe, it’s not something everyone is intrigued about when they’re on vacation. This one-day Milan schedule can be tweaked to include time for shopping if that’s more your style. While Milan is a great place to shop, it’s also an excellent place to start for a trip through northern Italy. Consider a one-day visit to Milan before embarking on a visit to Italy’s northern regions.

Visit to Milan’s Duomo

In order to get the most out of a day in Milan, start your day in the city center, where the majority of the city’s major attractions are located, and finish your day in more modern area. Duomo, the hub of mediaeval Milan and one of Italy’s most beautiful squares, is a must-see on any one-day trip to Milan.

If you’re planning a trip to Milan, don’t miss out on visiting the Duomo di Milano. The Duomo is larger than St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican City, Italy’s greatest church. As the fourth biggest church edifice in the world, it is designed in the Gothic style of Italy and can hold up to 40,000 worshippers. Even if you’re not religious, the Duomo’s size and architectural splendor are worth a look for any visitor to Milan. Visitors can take use of the abundant open space surrounding the church to congregate, snap pictures, or simply relax in one of the numerous charming cafes that surround the square’s circumference. Additionally, Voxcity offers guided tours of the world’s second-largest cathedral, which is a must-see for any visitor to Italy or the world. Wandering the halls, you’ll explore the origins of the Duomo and also its intricate construction, which included some of Italy’s most celebrated painters, including Leonardo da Vinci.

Walking along Milan’s Galleria

The famed Milano Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, a subterranean passageway with stores and restaurants, is located just to the left of the Duomo. The Galleria is a well-known and recognizable landmark in Milan, and there are two features that particularly catch the eye of tourists. There are many reasons why the top of the Galleria is so popular: it’s among the most photographed sites in the city, and visitors can’t resist taking photographs of it. The galleria’s other amusing feature is the presence of a bull on the flooring. You’ll note as you go down the Galleria’s exquisite floor that section of the bull pattern has been devoured by the use, as if individuals had repeatedly stepped on it. In fact, this is exactly how it went down. Twirling three times on the bull’s heel is said to bring good fortune, and this is exactly what people do. Use the self-guided audio tour of Voxcity, which is available in multiple languages, to learn more about the history and facts associated with this location.

The Last Supper in Santa Maria Delle Grazie

The Last Supper, Da Vinci’s most famous work, is on display in Milan, making it an excellent reason to visit the city. You must purchase tickets in advance to see Leonardo’s masterpiece, The Last Supper (possibly his most recognized work after The Mona Lisa). However, keep in mind that only 30 people will be permitted in the area at any given time, so you’ll only be able to view the art for 15 minutes. It is well worth a look, (and the €10+ charge) if you’re a big fan of art. Santa Maria delle Grazie, a Renaissance and Gothic masterpiece in Milan, has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. With the multilingual audio guided tour from Voxcity, you’ll be able to learn all about the Basilica’s intriguing history while you walk about the venue and admire its beautiful interior.

Teatro alla Scala’s Theater

As you leave the Galleria on the opposite side, you’ll be near to Milan’s famed La Scala Opera House, one of the world’s most renowned opera houses. If you’re a fan of opera, we recommend taking a tour of La Scala or attending an evening concert there (dress code is strict, but that’s part of the pleasure!). Theater tickets may be purchased on official theatre site, and Voxcity app tours can be scheduled here. With this self-guided audio tour app, you can go wherever you want, whenever you want. Once you download our App, you can begin your journey at any time and from any location. In my opinion, it’s still worthwhile to see the theatre from the outside, but if you’ve only got a few hours in the city, I don’t think you need to do the tour. Take a moment to admire the Leonardo da Vinci statue placed immediately outside.

Castello Sforzesco

The former residence of Milan’s first duke may be found right next to the city’s greatest park, Parco Sempione. Historic fortifications, built in the 15th century, are now home to numerous museums or other cultural institutions that are open to the public. Because of its historical significance and aesthetic appeal, the castle has been converted into a museum that showcases some of Milan’s finest artwork. This museum is well worth a visit if you have the time (you can schedule an audio guided tour with Voxcity here), but for the majority of Milan’s visitors, a stroll through the castle’s lush green lawns and a break on one of the benches in the main yard will suffice. The yard and the park (Parco Sempione) are open to the public at no charge. Explore and discover more about the medieval-renaissance fortress of Sforza Castle with multi-lingual audio tour from Voxcity. With its intriguing past, it has remained one of Milan’s top loved and frequented landmarks despite its former status as one of Europe’s largest citadels.

Pinacoteca di Brera

This spectacular edifice, which was formerly home to Napoleon’s troops, now houses an even more stunning collection of artwork. Brera Art Gallery, as it is often called, houses one of the finest collections of Italian art in Lombardy, if not the entire country. In 1776, the first building was constructed, and today visitors can see the amazing works for a price. Famous artists Bellini, Raphael, and Piero della Francesa’s paintings are featured prominently in the Brera Museum’s masterpieces collection. Voxcity’s app lets you schedule a tour of the Pinacoteca to learn more about the museum’s past. It is possible to take use of their unique feature, which makes self-guided exploration simple, with numerous walking paths to choose from.

If you’re planning a one-day trip to Milan in advance, you should try to reserve your tickets on Voxcity’s official website. So that you can begin your journey across Milan with an audio-guided tour as soon as you land in the city. Allow yourself the luxury of leisurely strolling through Milan at your own speed as you discover the city’s top attractions and best photo opportunities with Voxcity’s walking tours.

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