The best night life activities in Milan

Milan’s modernism, internationalism, and plethora of fascinating options set it apart from other Italian cities. It’s a place where world-famous artists, designers, and businesspeople feel at home in the midst of a constant buzz of activity. Milan’s nightlife naturally reflects the city’s global atmosphere and cultural diversity. Milan is known to have one of the best nightlife scenes in Europe thanks to its high population of young professionals. The locals know how to party, and they do it in style at a wide variety of locations. The city is known as the cultural and fashion center of Italy, but it also boasts the title of “aperitivo” capital of Italy. Aperitivo, the happy hour tradition of a drink or two accompanied by excellent nibbles, may have been developed in Milan, and if not, it was certainly refined here and forms an integral part of Milan’s nightlife.

Milan has a diverse and vibrant nightlife scene, beginning with aperitivo at hipster artisan cocktail bars, craft beer dens, and all-night discos before moving on to exquisite terraces overlooking the city or jazz clubs featuring top international performers. Milan’s nightlife offers something for everyone, from adult-only venues to family-friendly discos.

This guide will show you the best clubs, bars, and, of course, aperitivo spots in Milan’s vibrant nightlife scene.

Locations That Offer the Best Nightlife in Milan

Some of the best places to party in Milan at night are listed here.

Brera is the place to go for a classy evening out. This picturesque district north of La Scala opera house attracts a rather refined audience to its small sidewalk cafés and wine bars, despite its artsy, shabby-chic appearances.

Navigli is a popular spot for local hippies. Even if visitors make it as far as Navigli, it is primarily the locals who attend the many hip bars and clubs in this ancient canal district.

Piazza del Duomo is the place to go to have cocktails while taking in the sights of Milan. Tourists and naive residents alike go to Piazza del Duomo’s chic pubs and restaurants to take in the breathtaking views of the cathedral and the nearby Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II.

Isola is a young and promising city. Isola is a cool, little seedy area not far from the Garibaldi train station where you can find several bars and clubs to enjoy live music.

One of Milan’s best gay party streets is Via Lecco. Because of its abundance of gay-friendly pubs and shops, Via Lecco is commonly referred to as “gay-street.” There are a few mainstays in this area, including Red Cafe, Leccomilano, and Mono Bar.

While visiting Milan, you can use the unique navigation system created by Vox City, which makes self-guided exploration simple and offers a variety of suggested walking routes to discover. You’ll be walking by some of Milan’s most well-known landmarks, including the Duomo, Sforzesco Castle, Santa Maria Delle Grazie, and Sempione Park, as you explore this area’s rich history. Voxcity suggests making a new walking route, picking out your favorite sights, and finding the best photo ops before you even set foot in Milan. Explore the city like a native by strolling around its upscale districts.

Milan nightlife areas

It doesn’t matter if you’re a student, working professional, freelancer, or retiree; Milan must have something for you. If you’re looking for a place to spend a fun evening, you’ll find it in this city. Anything from an aperitivo at a swanky cocktail bar to a morning techno dance.

In Milan, each and every district has its own special treats. Try the trendy neighborhoods of Porta Garibaldi, Corso Como, or Brera. In the areas of Navigli and Isola, you will find a young and trendy clientele. Want to find something with a little more sexual variety? You should be on Via Lecco in Porta Venezia.

And if it appears like Milan’s top party locations are all over the place, don’t let that deter you. There is an excellent and efficient public transportation network in Milan that will get you wherever you need to go quickly and easily.

Aperitivo in Milan

Do we need to remind you that the “work hard, play hard” mentality is well ingrained in the Italian workplace?

Many Italians, upon completing their workday, may visit a bar or terrace to enjoy a little drink to stimulate their appetite. An aperitivo is a well-liked custom that has been passed down through the generations in Italy. At night, between the hours of eighteen and twenty, most establishments welcome patrons for aperitivo. Cocktails are typically served with a variety of nibbles, which may or may not change depending on where you go.

Even though it’s not its intended purpose, an aperitif can serve as a meal replacement. As long as you’re imbibing, the appetizers are on the house. Cheeses, deli meats, quiches, pizza bites, and pasta salads are common items. If you’re trying to save money while visiting Milan, aperitivo bars could become your new best friends. However, keep in mind that some restaurants may consider it impolite to refill your plates without also purchasing a new beverage.

Music Festivals in Milan


The Terraforma festival, held at Villa Arconati on the outskirts of Milan, is a sustainable, three-day event. In the years since its inception in 2014, the festival has successfully fostered a culture centered on its mission to unite the natural world with human creativity. Throughout the forest, you’ll find a number of installations, as well as possibilities to attend seminars and meet new people. The enchanting atmosphere is heightened by the stunning lighting and set designs.

There are often three stages at the festival, but only one is in use at any given time. After a day of listening to everything from ambient to classical to dub and reggae, the celebration will switch to a night of excellent techno and experimental tunes.


The Italian festival Polifonic brings together electronic music with Italian art and culture. The original event was held in Puglia, but preparations have been made to bring it to Milan as well. Unfortunately, the epidemic forced the organizers to postpone the festival in Milan. However, stay tuned for updates regarding the upcoming issue. Polifonic’s playlist features a wide range of electronic music styles. In addition, they host a variety of workshops, yoga sessions, and art shows. The main values of this gathering are diversity, internationalism, and fostering positive communities. If that’s the case, you’re guaranteed a wonderful time!

Does that sound like fun? Now is your chance to try it out for yourself.

If you happen to call Milan home, you’ll never run out of thrilling Saturday night possibilities. So go abreast with organizing your headway to this stunning Italian city!

In case you become tired of walking, the city’s metro and bus systems will transport you to the major attractions swiftly and easily. Once you are in Milan, you may start listening to Voxcity’s audio guide of the city on your own time. Using their one-of-a-kind navigation system, which provides a plethora of suggested walking paths, independent exploring is a breeze. Vox City’s audio-guided tour of Milan is a fantastic addition to your own independent sightseeing if you’d prefer to see the city at your own pace.

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