Milan with children: things to do for the whole family

The sophistication and elegance of Italy’s fashion capital, Milan, makes it an irresistible destination for adults. The capital of the Lombardy region may not be the first place you think of when planning a family vacation, but a bit of research will show you that it has many kid-friendly options. Keep in mind that the city is quite manageable in size and layout, making travel on foot a viable option.

Unlike other historical sites, a visit to its famous monuments and most exquisite areas will not leave you feeling overwhelmed. In addition, being around kids is a great incentive to think of alternate paths. Kids are great at getting their parents to explore the city’s hidden gems and less frequented spots. Milan’s open parks and hands-on museums make the city an instant hit with visitors. Plus, there’s an abundance of excellent ice cream shops to indulge the young ones’ sweet tooth.

Why visit Milan with kids

If you’re considering taking the kids on a trip, we highly suggest you check out Milan for:

Discover Milan’s most famous attractions, including the Duomo, the Galleria, and Leonardo da Vinci’s The Last Supper, all of which are suitable for family outings.

Travel to a prosperous, modern Italian city that is home to some of the world’s finest boutiques (if you have a mini fashionista, the city is incredible)

Take your young soccer fan to San Siro, the historic home of AC Milan and Inter.

Travelling with children to any city involves looking at things through new eyes. All you have to do is pay attention to their pace and respond to their questions. In Milan, the youngest members of the family will enjoy the regular touring, as long as the adults know how to direct them correctly. Vox City have self-guided tours throughout Milan or you can opt for a sightseeing package to know the place more from a local guide. You and your children can both enjoy yourself in booking your tickets with Vox City. 

Visit Piazza Duomo with kids

The first stop on any trip to Milan should be the Duomo, Milan’s cathedral and a must-see for tourists both young and old. There is a large square in front of the Gothic cathedral called Piazza del Duomo. Because it is car-free and home to a large number of pigeons, the piazza is a great place to take young children for some guaranteed fun (just watch out for the Instagrammers who seem to be everywhere, posing in front of the church). The beauty of the Duomo will stun the kids. The story of Napoleon Bonaparte and his hasty completion of the marble facade for his coronation as King of Italy is sure to pique their interest. You can discover the Duomo with a self-guided tour from Vox City to answer all your child queries about history and facts related to it.

The church building itself is entertaining for children, though they are more likely to be interested in the church’s exterior than its interior. The exterior is adorned with more than 3,500 statues, including many depictions of animals both real and terrific. 

Twirl on the bull in Milan’s Galleria

The Milan Galleria is an aesthetically notable covered shopping gallery filled with shops and cafes, as well as a bull that is likely to captivate young visitors.

As the focal point of a popular urban legend, the bull in question is a floor design that promises good fortune to anyone who places their heel on a certain part of its body and spins three times. It’s easy and fun for kids, and you can even see college students twirling here on their way to finals. Unless you’re reading this with your kids, we won’t say where exactly, but will say that it is clearly a bull and not a female cow. Vox City also offers a self-guided tour of the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, wherein you may use their app to take use of their unique navigation functionality, simplifying self-guiding, and choosing from a variety of suggested walking paths to learn more about the area. 

Visit Leonardo da Vinci National Science Museum

The Leonardo da Vinci National Museum of Science and Technology is a great place to visit for adults because it is both instructive and entertaining. It’s filled with fascinating and informative displays. Among these are 3D realizations of da Vinci’s mechanical creations, including his famed bat-like gliders and many more of his amazing flying vehicles. Other multimedia displays provide glimpses into the wonderful fields of physics and astronomy. Most children would be captivated by the life-size World War II submarine that sits in the front yard.

Kid friendly tour to Milan Civic Aquarium

Located to the north of Sforza Castle on the outskirts of Parco Sempione, the Acquario Civico di Milano (Civic Aquarium of Milan) is a nice place for families to spend some quiet time together. However, you shouldn’t anticipate a vast marine-park-style collection. It’s a gorgeous Renaissance edifice with a few ponds outside and its façade has a statue of Neptune and busts of other marine creatures. By paying a nominal entrance fee for adults (free for the younger ones), you can enter to travel through their short tunnel through a tank filled with rays, and explore additional tanks displaying a variety of fish, starfish and sturgeon.

Exploring Sforza Castle

Castello Sforzesco (Sforza Castle) in Milan is a great site to let your youngsters pretend they’re in a fairy tale. They can explore the castle’s gardens and towers (both of which are rounded) in the spacious courtyard. Older kids can broaden their horizons on art and history at the castle’s library and its several museums within. There are some great Renaissance works on display in the castle’s galleries, including works by Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci. Additionally, cats are free to roam the castle grounds and dry moat as they like.

With Vox City, you can choose either a sightseeing package which is led by local guides or you can take a self-guided tour to discover Sforza Castle at your own pace.

Relaxed evening at Parco Sempione 

Located next to the Sforza Castle, this park is a welcome oasis in the middle of bustling Milan. Kids can have a blast roaming about on grassy areas, riding vintage rides, and playing in specially designed play areas. Parents, meanwhile, can take in the scenery and perhaps even find a new favorite area within the park. There are ducks and turtles in the lake, and you can have a picnic anywhere you like.

Don’t forget to tune into your audio commentary from Vox City app to hear everything about the tourist destinations, or take a break anytime you desire to suit your own schedule. When you’re ready, plan your next walking route, locate your favorite locations and source the greatest photo hotspots, as you continue your discovery of Milan, the Vox City way!

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