Milan in winter – Weather, Best Things to Do, Top tips & more!

Thinking about a winter trip to Milan but don’t know what to expect? You’re in the right spot! Milan should be one of your top winter vacation destinations since it is jam-packed with things to do, such as celebrating local holidays, delighting in local cuisine, shopping in one of the world’s major fashion capitals, and experiencing the spectacular snow.

Let’s take a look at some of our favorite activities to do in Milan during the winter, whether you’re interested in experiencing genuine Italian cuisine or exploring the city’s amazing history. The Gothic architecture of Duomo and the Iconic architecture of Galleria Vittorio Emanuele can be enjoyed at lower prices and with fewer crowds if you’re willing to risk some grey skies.

And now, without further ado, let’s dig in and learn everything a wintertime visitor to Milan needs to know!

Get Festive at the Milan Christmas Markets

During the winter holiday season, Milan hosts a plethora of traditional markets in neighborhoods across the city, each with its own distinct flavor. Over 300 artisanal vendors from all across the world and all over Italy may be found at Fiera’s Market Artigiano.

The “Oh Bej Oh Bej!” fair in Milan’s Piazza del Castello is the city’s oldest Christmas market. Originally hosted in Sant’Ambrogio, the market now features more than 370 stalls selling artisan wares, handmade goods, and regional specialties from Ambrosia. Located in the heart of Milan, the Piazza Duomo is home to a market brimming with wooden houses selling all manner of Italian culinary goods and delicacies to be sampled among the city’s ornate architecture.

A guided audio tour of Vox City is also available to visitors who wish to visit the second-largest cathedral in the world, which is also one of Italy’s most impressive structures. Investigating the structure further will reveal its fascinating history. The Milan Cathedral, often known as the Duomo, can be explored independently with the help of this app that provides a guided audio tour. After installing our Vox City App, you can set out on your trip from any spot and at any time.

Do a Little Christmas Shopping

Milan is known for its seemingly infinite supply of shopping centers and unique boutiques. Even if the famous Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II and the numerous boutiques on the streets of Quadrilatero d’Oro are a signature site to begin your Christmas shopping excursions in the city with its bargains and decorations, you are not need to limit yourself to only those areas. There are Christmas markets not only in the city’s most famous landmarks but also in quaint towns like Lazzate that lie outside of Milan’s metropolitan area.

Almost anything you can imagine can be found among the wares sold by the stallholders and dealers at the numerous markets. It is a yearly ritual for the locals to attend a Christmas opera at the Teatro alla Scala. The audio commentary provided by Vox City in a fully guided tour of Milan is an excellent resource for learning about tourist attractions. You can listen in at any time or stop and listen when you like.

Party at the Ambrosian Carnival

The Ambrosian Carnival is the city’s biggest celebration and takes place each year on the Saturday in the most famous areas of Milan. Clowns, jugglers, and pantomimes perform in their trademark costumes as part of a procession that often begins in Pizza del Duomo and winds through Palestro, Piazza San Babila, Corso Europa, Piazza Fontana, and Piazza Beccaria. Local musicians and dancers also perform concerts and other festive shows to bring holiday cheer to every corner of the city.

In addition to the elaborate costumes and masks, the chiacchiere, a popular carnival snack consisting of thin, crispy strips of dough dipped in honey or chocolate, is a work of art in its own right. The carnival is also known as “Fat Saturday” for a good reason.

Drink Coffee (and Lots of It!)

Milan’s coffee culture is represented by Marchesi 1824. A family business since its inception, the cafe serves up a variety of sweets and baked goods alongside its distinctive cremini and coffee. A visit to the Camparino in the Galleria’s arcade is the best way to get a feel for Milan in a single sitting, as you can enjoy the city’s iconic Duomo while drinking a traditional spritz or coffee beverage.

Despite its reputation as a tourist trap, the high quality of its offerings, customer service, and physical location make it impossible to recommend anywhere else. When paired with their house-made coffee, Pavé’s buttery croissants, fruit tarts, and cream-filled brioche rolls are a delicious way to start the day.

Go to the Sant’Ambrogio Festival

Celebrations honoring Saint Ambrose, the city’s patron, governor, and bishop, take place annually in Milan. The area around the Basilica of Sant’Ambrogio and its piazza is lined with markets and stalls selling an array of different local delicacies and beverages. Along with the food and entertainment, festival-goers can peruse a market full of unique, handcrafted goods created by local artists.

Most shops and stores in the city close in observance of the feast, but many restaurants, bars, and cafes in the downtown area remain open. Due to the piazza’s status as a pedestrian area, the city now has feast hours, during which the metro operates on a different schedule for the benefit of the people.

Take a Gourmet Food Tour of Milan

Milan’s reputation as a fashion and luxury hub is bolstered by the city’s exquisite cuisine. Taking a culinary tour is the most cost-effective method to sample the city’s most notable and popular dishes without going into debt. The tour will not only teach you about the origins of the dishes you eat, but it will also take you to the locations where those dishes first appeared in recorded history.

Enjoy cured meats, cheeses, wine tastings of the region’s top vintages, and a variety of gourmet pizzas and pastas made with the region’s fresh, refined ingredients. As you sip your espresso coffee, you can watch as they make cannoncini and other delicacies right in front of you.

Discover Milan’s Best Hot Chocolate

In the midst of all the shopping you’ve been doing, why not reward yourself with a hot chocolate and an escape from the crowds? You can find the best hot chocolate in Milan at the Di Viole Di Liquirizia, a quaint cupcake bakery with a stunning view of the city that is conveniently located near the Brera neighborhood. After you’ve frozen your fingers off photographing the stunning piazza, stop by Lavazza Coffee Design near the Duomo.

Cioccolatitaliani, located close to Piazza San Gregorio, is a haven for chocolate lovers. Do you have any experience combining hot chocolate and strawberries? They’re perfect for a pick-me-up treat when you need a break from shopping.

For an effortless way to gain insight into Milan’s most well-known attractions, hop on a guided tour provided by Vox City once you reach at this location. Plan out your next stroll through Milan, making note of must-see attractions and where to find the best photo opportunities before you go.

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