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A trip to Northern Italy is synonymous with picturesque lakes, jaw-dropping mountains, and charming cities. This journey will include wonderful Italian cuisine, exhilarating treks and museums, and awe-inspiring art galleries and museums. The northern region of Italy is divided into eight distinct regions. It is believed that this zone of Italy has approximately 27.2 million residents. Comprised of two coastlines and the rugged Alps and Apennines region, northern Italy’s topography is quite diversified. Mountains abound in some parts of this region while the eastern shore is flat as it approaches the Adriatic Sea in other parts of this region. These regions are actually Italy’s economic powerhouses and contribute greatly to the country’s GDP per capita, which is the second-highest in Europe.

This region of Italy is brimming with historical cities just waiting to be discovered by aspiring tourists. Explore the Alps in the far north, try your hand at skiing, and see some of the charming mountain areas. On the east coast, you can visit Venice, an amazing island city, or Trieste, a historic port. In addition, the central areas of Northern Italy are home to several gorgeous and massive cities like Milan, Turin, and Bologna, all of which provide a diverse range of interesting sights and attractions. There is plenty for everyone’s tastes thanks to the region’s diverse environment, rich history, and a profusion of beautiful cities. However, we spent a substantial period of time in northern Italy, and if you have some spare time, a little additional cash, and the privilege of traveling at a slower pace, here is where we’d recommend going.


Milan is one of Italy’s most populous cities, known for its cultural, historical, economic, and abundance of high-end designer retail outlets. This massive metropolis is home to some very magnificent architecture as well as a plethora of historical structures that have shaped Italy. The incredible gothic Duomo, with its intricate façade and beautiful stained glass windows, the epic Sforzesco castle, with its vast grounds and gardens, the endlessly fascinating Da Vinci Museum of Science and Technology, and also the extravagant Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II are just a few of the must-see attractions. Everything from shopping to sightseeing and museums can be found in this vibrant metropolis.

Through a Voxcity audio guided tour, you can learn about Milan’s exquisite metropolis and why it is known as Europe’s renowned center of fashion and design. Milan is home to some of Italy’s most prominent landmarks, as well as a broad range of historic and cultural gems waiting to be discovered. Self-guided exploration is a snap with Voxcity’s built-in navigation, which provides a plethora of suggested walking paths. The multilingual audio commentary will tell you all about the most popular tourist attractions, and you can also take a rest whenever you want to suit your own needs.


It’s easy to see why Venice is known as one of the world’s most romantic cities when you stroll through its many winding cobbled alleys and canals. Venice is an archipelago city that is made up of a canal system and bridges that connects hundreds of smaller islands in the Venetian lagoon. The historic Grand Canal is indeed a stunning location, and the architecture that border it are truly breathtaking. St. Mark’s Square, with its ornate church, massive bell tower, and swarms of pigeons, is a must-see as well. You may also take a water taxis to the Venice Lido, where you can rest on the golden sand and enjoy the sunshine.

Famous attractions in Italy

Take a tour through Vox City to discover the magic of Venice, the world’s most romantic city. With the bundled Vox City app, you can explore the city at your own leisure and take advantage of our pass’s flexibility. Venice is without a doubt the most magical city in the world. Even from the Adriatic Sea, it rises majestically to form an intricate labyrinth of canals dotted with bridges, churches, and palaces. Join us on one of our Venice guided tours to learn more about how the affluence and determination of these great people built this unique city. – Our trips take you to the most famous palaces as well as the most obscure nooks and crannies of this complex metropolis.


Although Verona is often eclipsed by other big Italian cities, the city possesses one of the best-documented centers in the country as well as a number of breathtaking landmarks. A must-see in Verona is the enormous Arena, which is comparable in size and beauty to Rome’s Colosseum. It’s a must-see for anybody visiting Verona to see the historic Ponte Vecchio, as well as the nearby Castle Vecchio. Verona Cathedral and San Zeno Maggiore Basilica are two of the city’s most remarkable ecclesiastical landmarks, and the Piazza Delle Erbe and Piazza Bra are just two of the city’s many beautiful Piazzas.

Famous attractions in Italy

From the moment you land in Verona or Lake Garda, your self-guided city adventure with Vox City will begin. Self-guiding is a breeze with our intuitive navigation, which offers numerous planned itineraries and walking paths for you to explore. Be transported back in time as you approach historical sites such as the magnificent Verona Arena, Juliet’s mansion, and Castelvecchio. Finally, Verona is located adjacent to Lake Garda, which is a wonderful area to visit.

Italian Lake District

Northern Italy is home to the Italian Lake District. While most of the lakes’ southern shores are largely flat, the northern shores are rocky, as the lakes extend into the alpine mountains. The Italian Lakes have been a popular tourist destination for more than a century because of their pleasant weather and beautiful scenery. From Lake Maggiore in the west to Lake Maggiore in the east, there is a lot to see and do. South of the Alps, this 40-mile long lake reaches into the Canton of Ticino in Switzerland. With its beautiful royal house and manicured grounds, it is the island’s most popular attraction. Lake Como, a popular destination for royalty, celebrities, and the rich, is known for its stunning landscape and opulent Renaissance palaces. Bellagio, a quaint village with cobbled walkways and vividly colored homes, lies in the heart of a lake.

Famous attractions in Italy

There is no better place to visit than Italy’s largest lake, Lake Garda. Limone’s lemon fields, Riva del Garda’s windsurfing, and Malcesine’s old castles are all worth visiting. Sirmione, a prominent lakeside resort town featuring Roman ruins, medieval castles, and thermal springs, may be found at the southern edge of the lake on the Italian peninsula.


Today Rome serves as both Italy’s capital city as well as the country’s governmental headquarters. Rome, Italy’s capital and largest city, is situated in the Lazio region in the country’s center. For far more than 2,500 years, Rome has served as a major cultural, political, and religious center, and it is best known for its historic Roman monuments and the Vatican City. The Colossae district, which includes the Colosseum, the Forum of Augustus, Capitoline Hill, and the Roman Forum, is the heart of the city of Rome. Outside of the city’s heart, you’ll find the Pantheon, beautiful cathedrals, and plazas filled with Renaissance architecture. Rome is one of the world’s most fascinating cities, thanks to its ancient ruins, world-class sites, and vibrant art scene. You’ll never run out of things to do in this city, owing to its exciting nightlife, perfect weather, and a plethora of sights, sounds, and cuisines.

Famous attractions in Italy

Join us on Vox City for a trip back in time to experience Rome at its height of the Roman Empire through a stroll through Rione IX Pigna, Colonna, and Trevi’s historical center. You’ll get to see the Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, and Pantheon in addition to a few other famous landmarks on this guided Ancient Rome tour. With the help of our Vatican Secrets tour guide, you’ll learn about Rome’s greatest love affairs—art and religion—after a fascinating journey through the history of Ancient Rome. From Rione VI Parione to Vatican City, you’ll travel on this excursion.

Just use the free Vox City application (included in your ticket) to find more interesting walking paths in and around Rome after you’ve seen the city’s most noteworthy landmarks with your guide.

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