6 best Restaurants in Milan: Must-try delicacies

When it comes to food, Italy is a gourmet’s paradise. No matter where you go, you can always count on finding a delectable meal. It can be difficult to stand apart in a country renowned for its great cuisine, yet Milan is house to some of the best restaurants in the world. Despite its reputation as Italy’s fashion and design hub, Milan’s culinary offerings have been a little on the safe side. Milanese restaurants, like many across Italy, rely heavily on regional products and rarely venture outside of Lombardy for flavor or creativity. The Duomo and the Last Supper are as ingrained in Milan’s cultural heritage as the aperitivo and pizza served by many restaurants.

Milan’s gastronomic landscape, on the other hand, has been quietly evolving. Food-themed World’s Fair Expo 2015 is a major factor in the transformation of the restaurant landscape. As the city’s melting pot of cuisines and cultures grows, new eateries from across the world and distinctive Italian dishes are springing up. It is not only the city’s classic osterias and Chinatown that are flourishing, but also new eateries (many of them run by women) that promote social inclusion and a focus on locally sourced ingredients. Milan has a plethora of fantastic restaurants to choose from. After all, this is Italy. If you’re looking for great Italian cuisine in Milan, don’t look any further than this city’s eateries.

All the best restaurants and food in Milan are included in this list, along with notable local dishes like risotto alla Milanese, which can be found near major destinations. As a result, you may savor your meal while taking in the surrounding scenery. Take a look at our Milan itinerary or Top 6 places to visit in Milan, if you’re planning on staying in the city for a few days and want to make the most of your time there. 

Restaurants near Duomo Di Milano:

Some of our favorite hotspot restaurants change frequently when we travel, but there are some Milan stalwarts that never go out of vogue. We are enlisting two of the major restaurants that are near to Duomo in Milan. Also, you may take a trip through Voxcity, which allows you to see the world’s second-largest cathedral, the Duomo, and one of Italy’s most beautiful monuments. To get a taste of Italy’s history and architecture while strolling around the arena, you can stop at one of the many restaurants that are located near the Duomo and your next destination.

Spazio (Piazza del Duomo 1)

Take the lift to the 3rd floor of Mercato del Duomo, a newly opened shopping centre, and enter the realm of Spazio to escape the crowds. Niko Romito, a three-star Michelin chef, is in charge of the Italian meals at the restaurant, which is staffed entirely by trainees from a culinary school. Interiors are beautiful, with incongruous wooden furniture and walls were covered in culinary jargon, and it has two dining rooms with wonderful views of Milan’s big cathedral. There’s a giant ficus tree in the dining room, which has a view of the Duomo (the cathedral). Also, you may take a self-guided audio tour of the Duomo di Milano via Voxcity and experience unrestricted solo touring.

The portions are generous so that diners can enjoy a full Italian supper. But the real treat is seeing the enthusiastic young chefs, who are the next generation of culinary stars, put their hearts and souls into their work. This restaurant is a must-visit because of the exceptional caliber of the meals, the enthusiasm of the staff, and the incomparable position just steps away from Milan’s most famous landmark.


It’s hard to leave Milan without picking up some delicious presents and memorabilia from Dean and DeLuca of Milan. This gourmet emporium is a must-visit for foodies everywhere. Please be aware that Peck items are available in Milan’s Duty Free stores for last-minute gifts, so you may stock up on pastas, sauces and olive oils.

Giacomo Arengario

As its name implies, the restaurant is located in a 1930s art deco edifice that stands next to Milan’s majestic Duomo Cathedral. As it was constructed at the turn of the twentieth century, the fact that it now houses the Museo del Novecento is no accident. It is also home to one of the city’s most atmospheric eateries. The moment you walk through the door, you’re greeted by a unique ambiance. Just a few steps away from the golden-walled dining room with its antique mirror-and-coffered ceiling-decorated bar area, you’ll find the modest lobby, which is decorated with a scattering of small tables, armchairs, and couches in a style evocative of the exterior’s metaphysical architecture.

All through the day, this lovely terrace is a sought-after spot for visitors to unwind after a day at the Museum or for business lunches and dinners, as well as coffee or tea breaks and cocktail breaks. It’s also the ideal spot to take a break after the theatrical performance. All of Giacomo’s signature seafood cuisine, such as raw fish and spaghetti with crab or beef tacos topped by mayonnaise-tasted truffle and crunchy veggies, may be enjoyed from noon until midnight. Alternatively you can choose from traditional Italian dishes like cotoletta as well as risotto in Milanese style.

Restaurants near The Last Supper:

Several of the reasons people adore Milan is that delicious food can be found close to fascinating historical sites, allowing them to take advantage of the best of both worlds: local delicacies and breathtaking scenery. You can enjoy the following restaurant near to Last Supper. Also, you can take an audio tour through Voxcity to learn more about the historical significance of the site of the Last Supper, so you can just enjoy the ride instead of worrying about details.

Zero Contemporary Food

Milan’s Ab Fab crowd is a big fan of this trendy eatery. The moniker “Zero” does not accurately reflect the company’s prices or desirability. In fact, it may be the average size of some regulars. Sushi as well as other Japanese-inspired dishes are particularly delicious despite the fact that many of the attendees aren’t huge eaters. Reservations for weekends should be made at least 3 weeks in advance.

Restaurants near Pinacoteca Brera:

There are only a few restaurants serving traditional Lombard cuisine near the Pinacoteca Brera. When you arrive in Milan, you can also take a self-guided tour of Milan from Voxcity to learn more about the city. Self-guided exploration is a snap with our extensive walking route suggestions and unique navigational features. The city’s history and culture along with famous delicacies come alive as you approach its most famous attractions.


The owners of Obika have expanded their mozzarella bar to Milan, following in the footsteps of their successful franchisees in Rome, Florence, New York, and others. Glass, wood, steel, and iron are used to create a clean, simple look. Every day, fresh Campania mozzarella is brought in from southern Italy to be used in the restaurant’s dishes. For lunch, supper, and pre- and post-theatre snacks, the angelic white balls are served with condiments, salads, and sandwiches. The Duomo is just a short walk away from Obika.

La Briciola

At La Briciola, proprietor and restaurateur Gianni Battista Valveri is not only in charge of the cooking, but he also meets his customers as if they were good buddies (which many are). The menu emphasizes on simple, basic Italian meals prepared to perfection, and the décor combines elements of an Italian bistro (mirror walls and wine bottle shelves) with a bric-a-brac aesthetic (framed images of customers). Among the many options for carpaccio appetizers, avocados, palm hearts, and artichokes come to mind. Is it the best and freshest food you’ve ever had? Regardless of what you choose to get from the menu, you may be pleasantly surprised.

The fact that each region’s cuisine and culture are so distinct from one another is one of the many reasons we enjoy Italy so much. Coffee culture is alive and well in Naples. With a glass of wine in Bologne, you can enjoy mortadella and crescentine flatbreads. The risotto is king in Milan. Remember to order Risotto if you ever find yourself in Milan for some fine dining.

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