5 insightful facts that make Milan the fashion capital of world

Milan, a true Italian metropolis, is home to stunning buildings, manicured gardens, and centuries-old piazzas. It’s easy to see why Milan is Italy’s fashion capital when you’re in the heart of the action. The Duomo di Milano, Milan’s magnificent gothic cathedral, shares the city’s skyline with the city’s modern skyscrapers. Contrasts between the past and the present create a magnificent contrast in Milan, which is framed by the Alps.

Milan’s modern image is shaped by its fashion-forward image in the modern world. Unlike many other cities, Milan is awash in color and style all year round, making it fashion center of the world. Milan is one of the top high-end shopping destinations in the world because of the presence of both local and international brands. Aside from Milan, Italy is a great destination to go if you’re looking for a certain designer bag or brand (Check out our itinerary and must see attractions if you are planning a visit to Italy). There are many factors why Milan is regarded as the fashion center of the world. As in Milan, other cities also feature the same companies and place a similar emphasis on the fashion sector. But they don’t have the same acclaim that Milan does. We believe Milan is indeed the fashion center of the world for these five reasons. And also why its adherents hold it in such high respect.

Milan Fashion Week

If you haven’t heard of this glitzy event and the significance it holds for those who are involved, you must be living under a rock. Since fashion weeks are now held in nearly every country, you’re probably wondering what makes Milan’s so noteworthy. Among the world’s leading fashion houses and designers, Milan Fashion Week has been the most important. The event is a dream come true for aspiring designers who want to show off their talents to the globe. 

The significance of the event has made it one of the world’s most important fashion events. Milan Fashion Week is held twice a year in order to accommodate all of the aspiring designers and established fashion firms. A fashion week twice a year gives them an opportunity to present their work to the globe. This year’s Milan Fashion Week begins on September 21 and closes on September 27. If you’re in Milan during Milan Fashion Week, you may take advantage of Voxcity’s guided tour and listen to its audio commentary to discover the city’s hidden antiquities.


When it comes to fashion, what you wear is a direct representation of who you are. A person’s personality is reflected in the accessories they wear and the way they wear them. Shoes, on the other hand, can complete your look and make a strong statement. Every year, the city holds an event called MICAM to recognize and honor the value of footwear. Assocalzaturifici’s MICAM Milano, the world’s leading footwear expo, is a hallmark event for merchants from around the world. The world’s most prestigious shoemakers showcase their latest designs at both of its fairs. An eager audience and style journalists are on hand for the event, which brings together all of the industry’s top shoemakers. These kinds of events don’t happen in many cities, so one accessory must be dedicated to the occasion. This year’s MICAM gets underway on Sunday, September 19, and runs through Tuesday, September 21.

Additionally, Voxcity’s unique navigation features make self-guided exploration of the event venue a cinch, with numerous suggested walking paths to choose from.

Milan UNICA Event

Milano UNICA provides a platform for up-and-coming designers to display their work. For those who want to succeed in the fashion industry, Milan Fashion Week provides a strong platform for doing so. Unique concepts in the industry are celebrated at this event. It’s also a good method to learn about designers who will be showing their work during Milan Fashion Week in near future. In addition, if you’re in Milan for this event, you can explore the city with the Voxcity app right away. This year’s Milano UNICA Event had ended, however it will return on Wednesday, 2 February 2023 and conclude on Thursday, 3 February 2023.

Milan Fashion District

You can clearly observe the fashion capital status of Milan from where you are currently standing in the city. Milan’s Golden Quad, or Quadrilatero D’Oro, is a collection of four streets that display the city’s high-end fashions. Stroll through Milan’s chic neighborhoods and you’ll observe the country’s rich cultural heritage, including the 1913 opening of the first Prada store. Customers from all over Europe and Italy flocked to this shop because of its elegant glass-covered corridor.

With Voxcity, you may discover Milan as an exemplary metropolis and a style district regarded as the iconic hub of fashion designing by mapping out your next location and listening to audio commentary. It’s no surprise that Milan is home to some of Italy’s most important landmarks, and the Voxcity app will help you discover them all.

Golden Rectangle

The Quadrilatero d’Oro includes the Via Monte Napoleone as one of its four legs. The Golden Rectangle, as the name suggests, is a group of streets where various-sized fashion boutiques are located. The variety offered by the Quadrilatero d’Oro is not restricted to different brands. In addition, Quadrilatero d’Oro can be distinguished from other boutique fashion stores where you can buy one-of-a-kind items. In addition to Italian designers, the street exhibits work by designers from throughout the world. Even if you don’t plan to buy anything, you can stroll down the street and take in the sights and sounds of the many different brands on display.

If you’re in Milan, take a trip with Voxcity sight-seeing packages or an audio guided tour to learn more about this incredible city. They have audio commentary so you can learn all about the best locations for tourists, or you can stop whenever you’d want. To continue your journey of Milan, Voxcity recommends planning a customized walking route, pinpointing your favorite locations, and finding the greatest photo hotspots.

Those are the 5 things that make Milan the fashion hub of the world and also why Milan is so important to fashion designers from all over the world. The actual essence of fashion only becomes apparent when you visit the city. Both the city and its population place a great value on style; Milanese citizens are among the world’s most stylish and well-dressed citizens. If you’re among a swarm of Milanese, being unfashionable will make you look like an alien. Some characteristics of a city are more important to it than others, and these are the things that make it unique. To the people of Milan, fashion is the common thread that binds the city. Also, Voxcity’s website has so much to offer that you should check it out the next time you plan a trip to Milan so that you can explore the city in the Voxcity style.

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